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Pest Control for Commercial and Public Sector

There are areas in which pests can cause big trouble not only because of being inconvenient but also because their presence can lead into health and safety hazard and in this way it could potentially affect your business.

If you are for example a restaurant owner you know how important it is to keep your premises pest free, but that also apply to hotels, schools, colleges, council premises, etc.

Professional Pest Control Tools

We've got a set of tools prepared to meet those needs of our bigger commercial customers. We offer commercial pest control packages for public department offices and commercial customers placed within 60-mile radius from Oakham.

We use pesticides and we do it in a safe way all according to NPTA standards, we also offer electronic fly killers, glueboard fly units and other solutions, depending on a problem that you have got.

For more information contact us directly on one of our phone numbers 01572 503 018 or 07821 142221. Alternatively fill in our contact form here on the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Comprehensive Range of Commercial Solutions...

Bird Fixing

For commercial customers we offer solutions designed to sort the problems on a bigger than domestic scale.

We offer fly and wasps dome and other types of traps, strip curtains, ULV systems, various types of electronic fly killers including restaurant solutions like stainless steel Flylite which is a clever way of dealing with a problem in a classy way.

Also bait safe litterbins, bird netting and other special types of fixings to control birds in public areas and not only. If you operate on small premises some of our domestic solutions may be suitable for you, we always use method matched to the particular problem not the size of customer.

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The Areas we Cover

We generly operate within 60-mile radius of Oakham but contact us if you are placed beyond that.

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